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Up to 70% Savings

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  • Up to 70% Savings
  • Solar production guaranteed 90% for 30 years
  • Total maintenance 10 years included
  • Up to Rs 514,900 win
  • From Rs 14 to 48 per day for 7 years
  • Solar Center Mauritius is the n°1 of solar energy in Mauritius
  • 4,500 solar installations since 2007
  • Make an appointment on 260 2020

Why apply for an ssdg permit at the CEB

  • Turn your roof into a solar electricity generator.
  • Sell ​​your solar production to the CEB.
  • First Come. First Serve.
  • Go Green. Become Eco-Solar Friendly.
  • Complete the CEB form now.
  • Register now.
  • It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s digital.

How to apply for an ssdg permit at the CEB

  • I fill in the information requested on the form.
  • I receive by email the PDF of the CEB form with the technical documents to be attached.
  • I print the entire PDF.
  • I sign all the pages of the CEB form.
  • I make a recent copy of my electricity bill.
  • I prepare my identity card.
  • I go as soon as possible to the CEB agency closest to my home to submit my file. Provide Rs 2000 for application fees.
  • I take a photo of the receipt and send it by email to (in subject: your first and last name).
  • Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation of your file.

While the house is empty, you produce electricity using the solar generator that you resell to the CEB in the form of a “CREDILEC” electricity credit.

The “CREDILEC” is the difference between your monthly electricity consumption and the monthly electricity production by your solar electricity generator.

  • Your accounting balance is carried out every month by the CEB.
  • You pay the difference which is very minimal.
  • You greatly reduce your CEB bill.

The CEB authorizes a maximum Solar Electricity Generator of 5 kilowatts.

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